3 Things to Know: BTS of A Pop Culture Event Fandemic Tour 2019

Fandemic Tour 2019: A three-day entertainment extravaganza celebrating all things pop culture! Fandemic gathers pop culture celebrities like Sebastian Stan, Clare Kramer, Milo Ventimiglia, The Phelps Twins and many more artists, illustrators, professional cosplayers, vendors and exhibitors with programming and panel discussions.

Come behind the scenes with us to see how to make an event like this a smash hit!

1. Build a relationship with media even out of state.

            It is still really important to build a relationship with the media, even if they are in another state. I started reaching out to the media 6 months prior to Fandemic Tour in Houston via email, not knowing any of these podcasters, bloggers, writers, journalists, and videographers personally. Before I realized it, I was making connections 2,000 miles away. On day one of Fandemic Tour, I was shaking hands and putting names to faces just through getting to know them through email threads. It goes to show that ‘e-meeting’ people is just as important as meeting them in person!

2. No Fangirling!

            Working on a big event like a comic convention can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Getting to meet two of my favorite guest stars was truly amazing, but I also wanted to make sure they knew I was a resource they could trust by maintaining a professional attitude. It is a PR pros job to make sure the celebrities feel comfortable and have everything they need, even if that means going to get a glass of wine.

3. Make sure media has a big enough following to interview guest stars.

            As a PR pro, it is your job to get coverage when a lineup of celebrities and guest stars are included in an event, but not just any coverage. Guest stars want to be talked about by big publications, so it is significant to pay attention to detail when going through a list of podcasters and making sure their social platforms have a good following and are worthy enough to cover someone as big as Sebastian Stan, The Winter Soldier, or Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us.