Feed Your Muse with Sara Lynn Hunt

Our latest full-time addition to the Muses is Sara Lynn Hunt. She’s our magical social media coordinator, but aside from creating kick-ass content for all of our social clients, she runs her own beautiful food blog, Serendipity by Sara Lynn. She has been using a lot of her content creating skills – and seriously amazing recipes – to create an online community that inspires us all to get creative and eat more pastries. (And we could all use a few more pastries in our lives, right?) Feed your muse with us as we dive into Sara’s process and her flavor for life. 

How did you decide to start the blog you have now?

I originally started blogging as a fun way to document my recipes and life in general. Eventually, I fell in love with the community surrounding food blogging and realized the potential for turning it into a business. I got serious about photography, recipe development, and writing, which has helped me grow a following (and helped me grow professionally as well!)

What’s a piece of advice that you have been given that you find to always be the most influential?

A fellow food blogger told me to stop valuing numbers and start valuing talent. In the end, all you need is 1,000 loyal followers to have a successful brand. Companies are always trying to under-pay food bloggers who have lower Instagram followers or less experience. But ultimately, those numbers don’t have any weight on the quality of the content I produce. I have kept that in mind in various aspects of my life, and it has really helped me take pride in my work.

What aspect of being a successful brand owner has surprised you the most? 

How hard it is to stick to your brand! I am constantly wanting to go out of my comfort zone and try new things with my photography or writing style. But as a digital marketing coordinator, I know the importance of sticking to my brand, using consistent colors, and refining the photography and writing styles that make my company unique.

What has been your Muse while building a career and a life that you love? 

There are so many amazing people in my life that inspire me every single day and make me want to work harder. Aside from other photographers that are a huge influence on my life, I have an awesome family who always encourages me to follow my own path. Also, my greyhound, Bell! I want to work hard to eventually buy her the backyard she deserves.

If you could only eat one food in the world for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cheese! I could eat cheese forever.

What’s something out-of-the-ordinary that you think everybody should try at least once? 

Solo-travelling! Traveling alone can be overwhelming but it’s also totally life-changing. Would recommend to a friend.

Go ahead…go drool over her amazing food and follow her on Instagram.