The Social Experience: Connecting Social Media and Public Relations

Public Relations and Social Media occupy two completely different spaces when it comes to a company, but can be used together in order to build a brand. While they may be of two different worlds, there are many parallels between the two. Put them together and what do you get? Characteristics that can transform your business and marketing solutions. Check them out below!

  1. Creativity
    1. Because writing and content creation make up a majority of duties in both fields, creativity is, without a doubt, one of the most important skills for all savvy Social Media and PR personnel to have. In both fields you will have to constantly be creating and curating ways in order to keep your client fresh in the minds of both the public and their own clients.
  2. Outgoing Personality
    • While a large part of social media work involves sitting behind the screen and racking your brain with creativity, it also means you have to be outgoing too! Your work is not only being seen by your peers, but also in the ether for the world to see. More of an INTP than an ENFP? No problem! While being outgoing helps, it isn’t required for social media. After all, you can always “fake it till you make it.”
    • Having an outgoing personality is a given in the PR world. Not only are you constantly reaching out to media (some of who might be strangers), you’re constantly working to facilitate more connections and opportunities to grow your business.
  3. Love for a good pun
    • It’s no secret that you do A LOT of writing for both of these fields, and that sometimes, when all else fails, you just have to roll with a good pun to get you through! Through the years, I have come to appreciate, and (sometimes) love, how puns are all relatable and (almost) always funny.
  4. Flexibility
    • In both the PR and Social Media worlds, things can get thrown at you last minute. A client could call and need to change a post that is scheduled to go out that day, or a marketing emergency could happen and you need to adapt and react quickly. In PR, the variables are constantly changing; media could want an interview with a client for a segment happening that day, interviews could be rescheduled, or maybe even a client needs to address the public. In both fields, staying on your toes to be prepared for anything is a necessity.
  5. Being on top of current trends and events
    • Staying on top of current trends is important in every field, but especially in Social Media and Public Relations! In social media, new trends pop up literally everyday, and if you’re at the back of the pack your content will be forgotten. It’s a necessity to stay up to date on what viewers really want to see and engage with. In PR, you must stay in the know on all the current happenings, including what’s #trending, events (social and political), and popular culture. Current events can directly affect your client, and their business. As a PR representative, it is not only your job to know what is happening in the world, but to also know how to guide your client through it.

So, while some view these two careers paths as different, and many believe they must choose one or the other, they actually compliment each other quite well! Whether you’re working on social media or PR projects, odds are you’re developing the skill set for both.